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Electromagnetic Pineapple Driven Laughter


  1. Bliss starts at chakra 5 and ramps up in 6 and 7 (pineal and crown)
  2. The pineal gland is constantly radiating electromagnetic waves based on how we focus our attention on it
  3. If we can laugh with our attention on using our pineapple (pineal gland) to tickle our crown, it is an electromagnetic form of stroking of the upper-body
  4. This process is extremely clearing and far less intellectual than it's predecessor, Laughter Psychology
  5. Practice of the 5 Tibetan Rites just prior to this is a great boost!
  1. Sit down
  2. Locate your pineal gland – it is inward from your temples
  3. Laugh with the intent of having your pineal gland tickle your crown chakra, You can wave your hand around above your head and around your crown to feel the pineal radiating and nourishing and being nourished.

Pineal-driven laughter is a type 1 Spiritual System ( http://livingcosmos.posterous.com/two-factors-in-choosing-a-spiritual-system-co )
The value of this method is that it is self-therapeutic – you dont need lengthy interpretations, suggestions or the control of an external therapist who may misinterpret you. Also the external therapist will have a delay in giving you instructions whereas laughter as self-therapy will become more and more spontaneous all the time.

The benefits of this method:
  1. continual stomach pumping is highly cathartic and beneficial to digestion
  2. progressive lightening of the control of thoughts over you
Related self-therapies:

* Zen Buddhism – http://www.mro.org/zmm/teachings/meditation.php – "The only agreement that you make with yourself in this process is that if your mind begins to wander – if you become aware that what you're doing is chasing thoughts – you will look at the thought, acknowledge it, and then deliberately and consciously let it go and begin the count again at one… Each time you return to the breath you are empowering yourself with the ability to put your mind where you want it, when you want it there, for as long as you want it there."

* Freezone Scientology Solo Auditing: there are a number of solo auditing procedures in Freezone Scientology. The success of them is measured by progression of the PC up the tone scale – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tone_scale  … while laughter can only be considered at most 8.0 (Exhilaration), it is a great step towards the top of the tone scale. One issue that most scientologists would have with this Laughter Psychology is that one is not truly "duplicating" the thought or becoming cause over the thought and is attempting to NOT-IS the thought by laughing at it. The only reply I have is: "unconditional happiness is not based on being at cause over conditions"

* Yoga – a number of yogas practice a posture known as breath of fire, which involves rapid contractions of the navel. If this same posture were done with the mouth open, then the person would laugh! 

* Hinduism – This technique is related to the Hindu concept of koshas, or body layers – http://www.swamij.com/koshas.htm. While the deepest layer of body is the sat kosha, or truth body, the joy body (ananda maya kosha) is very close to the truth body, separated only by the consciousness (chit maya) body.

* Universal Clearing Process – http://net-prophet.net/ucp/  — a good way to dig up thoughts is to ask yourself the UCP questions: (1) what have you done? (2) what could you be doing? And why limit it to doing? being and having are other ego food.

* Annette Goodheart, Laughter Yoga, World Laughter Tour – these 3 organizations promote laughter for no reason. 

* Self-Inquiry: "Behind every thought is the I thought. Seek the source of this I thought." – Ramana Maharishi. I postulate that this source is always happy, carefree and joyous regardless of external circumstance.

* Tantra – the concept of the pineal as a homunculus is fairly original but I think I must've heard it in tantra at some point or the other

* EverNewJoy – http://evernewjoy.net/ –  Ramanathan Iyer's teachings on the higher bodies had a lot to do with my interest in the crown chakra, as did my training in ThetaHealing(tm)

* SunBurstOnline – formerly the Solar Logos Foundation, they provided the best instruciton on how to locate the 3rd eye.

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