14 Jul, 2024
2 mins read

The Gokhale Method and Tibetan Chi Gung – what is the correct view on spine alignment?

Terrence-Monroe: Brannon <thequietcenter@gmail.com> Sat, Oct 2, 4:09 AM (7 days ago) Reply to David David, when we start the tucking exercise, and then continue that tuck for exercises 1-4, I’ve heard you state 2 things:1. that children do not exhibit excessive (lower) spinal curvature2. that most people have too much spinal curvatureBefore making any statements, I will […]

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Fire, candles and negativity

David, I cannot build fires in my current living situation.Did you say that lighting a candle is a useful substitute?How often and at what time of day should we burn a candle?Is the purpose of burning a candle to remove negativity?  Yes, a candle works very well. Yes, the fire does burn negativity. I like the […]

3 mins read

Exercise 2: letting off the accelerator doesn’t really stop this exercise

David, you explain that slowing down an exercise is a passive process. When I relax with the intent of having exercise 2 wind down, I simply keep revolving clockwise and counter clockwise and I have to tense my muscles. Otherwise it seems like this exercise will never stop.  Me Hi Terrence,It’s good that you notice […]

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If you have to stop Tai Chi Gung practice temporarily (for a phone call, for example), how long of an interruption can you have before you have to start back at the beginning?

If you can take the call and do figure 8s as you talk … indefinitely.If the interruption has very little impact on your chi… as long as an hour.Sometimes when I get interrupted, I’ll opt for figure 8s in the time I have left.I go into figure 8s without warm ups just about every day, […]