15 Jun, 2024
3 mins read

Love, sex, intimacy, sensuality and eroticism – let’s analyze these flavors of interaction

I was reading an article about Cuddle Parties which made an interesting distinction between sex and sensuality: Sensuality is about immersing in each experience with senses fully alive and engaged. Enjoying an orange, for example, can be a completely sensual experience as you gaze at it, noticing the color of the rind and the pulp […]

4 mins read

Electromagnetic Pineapple Driven Laughter

PINEAL TICKLES THE CROWN to STIMULATE LAUGHTER: Theory: Bliss starts at chakra 5 and ramps up in 6 and 7 (pineal and crown) The pineal gland is constantly radiating electromagnetic waves based on how we focus our attention on it If we can laugh with our attention on using our pineapple (pineal gland) to tickle […]

1 min read

Practical Partner Conjuration

This method of conjuration will work in less than 21 days. It was provided to me by Dendera Wiseman. It is provided to you on credit. That is, use it for 21 days continuously and when it works, donate some fraction of 108 dollars using the form below. The Method Prerequisites: You must really be […]