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Practical Partner Conjuration

This method of conjuration will work in less than 21 days. It was provided to me by Dendera Wiseman. It is provided to you on credit. That is, use it for 21 days continuously and when it works, donate some fraction of 108 dollars using the form below.

The Method


You must really be ready to have someone in your life. You cannot expect this to work if you really dont want a partner.


Write a brief concise paragraph of what you want in a partner. For example:

  • looks
  • height
  • weight
  • sensual
  • loyal
  • wealthy

Choose whatever qualities matter to you.

It must be written in pencil because the graphite in the pencil resonates with the graphite in your body.

Write this paragraph just before you go to bed and within 21 days they will come. You do this at night, before you go to sleep for the night. Naps do not count.

If you miss a day, you must restart the cycle. If you get the partner, you can stop the cycle.

Keep the notebook ON YOUR BED, so you do not go to sleep without writing in it.

It worked!

Below, you may pay for the service you used on credit, now that it has successfully worked:

Pleasure Tithes

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