Love, sex, intimacy, sensuality and eroticism – let’s analyze these flavors of interaction

I was reading an article about Cuddle Parties which made an interesting distinction between sex and sensuality:

Sensuality is about immersing in each experience with senses fully alive and engaged. Enjoying an orange, for example, can be a completely sensual experience as you gaze at it, noticing the color of the rind and the pulp and the fruit itself, and then smelling it, taking in the sweet and tangy aroma, listening to the sound of the peel coming away from the pulp in a slight ripping manner, feeling the bumps on the skin, tasting the juice as it sits on your tongue and licking it off your fingers and from your chin as it drips downward. Doesn’t it feel like you just ate an orange?

Sexuality is greatly enhanced if you allow all of your senses to be turned on. The most powerful aphrodisiac is the imagination and the most important sex organ is the mind. We are each responsible for our own pleasure and cannot expect a partner to provide us with that.

Rev Edie Weinstein

Hmm, well this should not have come as a surprise

Having practiced Orgasmic Meditation since 2014, the idea of sensuality without sexual arousal is nothing new: I routinely go to women’s homes, enter their bedroom and have an OM without any sexual arousal… but with the tremendous benefits of OM!

And OM definitely builds up your ability to feel yourself and well as others.

It is safe to say that OM is a SENSUAL practice that involves the SEXUAL organs.

Let’s go ahead and box-off Love and Intimacy:

Love, non-romantic love, is a heart chakra activation which creates an urge for unification with the infinite. There is no time limit on “acquiring” love.

Intimacy (into-me-see) is sharing of mental records, judgements and impressions. Intimacy takes time because of the need for verbal sharing of mental records and it increases with understanding and agreement.

Now let’s contrast sex and eroticism, Atman Yoga Federation style

Sex is an act where the consciousness is resonating in the earth and water chakras. It is a downward pull that often leads to the loss of fluids in the man/woman. Eroticism is an upward pull that leads consciousness into chakras 4 through 7.

More of sensuality from the standpoint of the chakras

If you notice in Rev. Edie’s description of sensuality, it has to do with the 5 senses. These senses are associated with a particular chakra:

  1. earth – survival – smell
  2. water – pleasure – taste
  3. fire – willpower – sight
  4. air – LOVE – touch
  5. ether – ? – sound

so, sensuality has to do with the 5 lower chakras and eroticism has to do with the traveling the lower chakras all the way to the highest chakras?

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