15 Jun, 2024
2 mins read

I didnt know there were so many genders AT THE GENETIC LEVEL

From Variations – The Association for X and Y Chromosome Variations (genetic.org) X and Y Variations, also known medically as Sex Chromosome Aneuploidy (SCA), involve variations in the typical number and type of sex chromosomes. The typical number of chromosomes in each human cell is 46. These include 22 pairs of “autosomes” (which refers to […]

3 mins read

Love, sex, intimacy, sensuality and eroticism – let’s analyze these flavors of interaction

I was reading an article about Cuddle Parties which made an interesting distinction between sex and sensuality: Sensuality is about immersing in each experience with senses fully alive and engaged. Enjoying an orange, for example, can be a completely sensual experience as you gaze at it, noticing the color of the rind and the pulp […]