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I attended the Holistic Health and Healing Expo in Deerfield Beach… it was awesome

I heard about the holistic health and healing expo from a friend on Nextdoor.

I omitted some of the things I took photos of. You are welcome to surf all the pictures I took that day if you like.


The owner of this company, Shirley Mitchell Williams, was diagnosed with Stage 4 end stage breast cancer that had metastasized into her bones, organs and lymph nodes. She was given a day and half to live. Her liver had calcified, kidneys were shutting down and her doctor had been draining 2 to 3 liters of fluid off her lungs at a time. She began to receive stem cell therapy and over 90 days her body transformed. She is alive totally restored and doing amazing.

I got a free book that educates about Stem Cells and lists even more miracle testimonies. I snapped some photos of their testimonies.

Get in touch with Richard for more details

Body Decompression by Elevate Ops

Pravilo is a Russian system of body strengthening and stretching.

The lady in this picture loved her session.

The lady in this picture had some discomfort in her left arm. That dissuaded me from trying it – i didnt want to risk anything with my right knee plus I had something else to go to:

Water with extra hydrogen

I should’ve asked for a sample. I guess there are some documented benefits. I will have to research more.

I have never smelled anything this good

Angie’s spiritual readings insisted that I take a sample of this small pack:

it smells absolutely wonderful!!!! I’m going to call her up and see where I can get more. Maybe get a reading from her.

Great oral care

There were some holistic dentists. I spent $92 on mouthwash, toothpaste and oil pulling products from this guy. He asked me what I used to clean my teeth. I was honest with him and said: “urine” – which started a whole discussion about urine therapy.

That’s all folks

feel free to surf the entire picture album. i only included the things that were notable… although i did forget to mention hippocrates health institute which is quite an amazing place in west palm beach.

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