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The New Life Expo was a smash hit!

March 16 and 17 is how life should be more often. Lots of people teaching and lots of things to try. Let’s run it down:

First Alternative Therapies

They have some amazing testimonies. I took a few pics of their products:

Total Transformation

Kat James rocked my world. Her talk on Leptins and the amazing things that occur just from turning on this Master Hormone cannot be skipped over. Here is her 2-hour speech on how she came into this knowledge.

There is NO END to the amazing transformations that have occurred. MUST SEE VIDEO.

Ozone Purity

here are my blood cells as a vegan

and here is what he did 15 minutes later after I took his ozonated water:

he’s in delray and easy to talk to:

A dentists was there:

Scalar Healing

you can get your first session for $20.00 – this has been responsible for many miracle healings. In Delray Beach. A place with the same device is The Energy Room in Boca.

The Modern Mystery School

I really like the Max Meditation System from The MMS. I took a personal session with Matthew Koren that I liked quite a bit. I dont know why I didnt connect with them this weekend. I went by their booth many times and did some audio eavesdropping of their conversations as I walked by. I wonder why Matthew was not at the booth and also why he does not appear to be offering sessions in Fort Lauderdale. I didnt want to waste their time with a bunch of chatter.

Laura Reese evidently is offering a similar set of services and has similar training

Another person at their booth has less web presence and perhaps offers fewer services:

Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine

I enjoyed my free diagnosis of my pulse and tongue. Sessions are cheap with the interns trying to get in enough hours to certify.

The Wide Wide World of Jason Demchok

The Food Rainbow

I learned that fiber is more than just roughage – the bacteria in your gut. Here are the slides from this presentation.

Meta Life Center

I came for the Roxiva and almost didnt mention it

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