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Hum the cosmic Hum! (copy)

The original version of this article was authored by Ulrike Selleck, a highly talented visual and vocal artist. I recommend that you visit her singing site and art site. She teaches you how to sing yourself well.

This blog post of hers is solid gold and needs to be preserved in case her site goes down. So I reproduce it en toto:

Total Natural Law is eternally humming: hummmmm.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Whether you’re spiritually motivated, or you want to do something good for your health, your immune system and energy, here are just two of a multitude of reasons to sing or hum, starting right this minute:

From a cosmic perspective:

Total Natural Law humming, and this hum, the self-referral hum of the Unified Field is the administrator of all life everywhere.

All life has its basis in this eternal hum of total Natural Law in the transcendental field – Transcendental Consciousness.”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 9 October 2002

And from science:

“Nasal NO[Nitric Oxide] level increases dramatically during humming compared with normal quiet nasal exhalation.

This effect is likely due to increased contribution of NO from the paranasal sinuses.

Humming causes the air to oscillate, which in turn seems to increase the exchange of air between the sinuses and the nasal cavity.”

(Weitzberg; Lundberg / Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden)
“Nitric oxide plays a minor but significant role in antiviral protection.”
(Mehta,Ashkar and Mossman
PLoS Journal 2012 Feb 21)

The human body is the world’s first instrument. All other instruments were built in the image of this, our human voice-instrument.

In your instrument you have the capacity to create a multitude of sounds, from very high to very low, and everything in between.

Yes, it’s well documented singing and humming have been proven to strengthen lung capacity and immune system, and just make you feel good all around.

But did you ever consider that every single sound you make has a certain frequency? And that this frequency resonates in a particular area in your body?

Wherever any particular sound resonates, that area gets enlivened. And when you use all your sounds, your entire body gets enlivened. This creates flow, and flow creates better communication between all the various parts.

Once you’ve created perfect communication inside your own body/mind/emotions, this healthy coherence will ripple out in waves to all the other beings you interact with, silently, and even when you interact in real time.

So, get humming today. Ideally with a fully built instrument. A deflated instrument just won’t produce the same quality of sound.

Want to learn how to build your instrument fully? Feel free to check out my online course that teaches you exactly how to build your instrument for maximum benefits, regarding your health, and happiness.

The whole program is so perfect, holistic, natural and complete, once you learned all 7 steps, you can create healing sounds in 7 seconds.

Here are a few pointers to get you started right now:

1) Have a good, straight posture, — meaning the back of the top of your head held high, chin tucked slightly, as if angels are lifting you by the top of the back of your head. Never sing slumped or sitting crooked or leaning forward. Your body is the antenna between Divine and Earth. Make the connection a good one!

Leaning forward in general is bad, as it signals the body and brain you are leaning and possibly feeling “down.” Leaning backward and slouching is equally bad, as it signals your body and brain you’ve given up.

Be straight in your center physically, and you’ll be in your center emotionally.

2) Breathe into your whole body, feel an expansion like during a yawn in your throat. Lift your rib cage with your inhale all around, keeping your ribs off your lungs, even when exhaling, even just for a few seconds to start. Your lungs need to fully inflate to full lung capacity, as they were when we were kids.

3) Most importantly: after you inhale (gently, through your nose), hum or sing with your whole voice, not just a with few notes.

Every note has a different frequency, enlivening a different part of your body. Sing, even hum from your highest note all the way down to your lowest note, enlivening your whole body, all while keeping your ribs out.

Hope these few pointers got you excited to learn how to create health in your body with your own voice. Your voice is a healing instrument!

Now go and Sing Yourself Well!

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