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Fire, candles and negativity

David, I cannot build fires in my current living situation.
Did you say that lighting a candle is a useful substitute?
How often and at what time of day should we burn a candle?
Is the purpose of burning a candle to remove negativity? 

Yes, a candle works very well. Yes, the fire does burn negativity. 
I like the small votive candles… Safety, lack of scent tends to keep the air cleaner. Cost is the most reasonable I’ve found, since I do it every day.


Because it’s a smaller flame, I have discovered that placing 4 in an equal arms cross on all 4 sides, best within 2 ft of your aura, but in the 4 corners of the room also works, if you want a more powerful configuration and want to clear a room of all negativity. 

If you have people around who fear fire, you can do what my teacher does, place them on the stove top and do figure eights in front of the stove. Or if you have to be really stealthy, light them at dinner time and pretend you’re a romantic. 🙂

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