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Is the universe always in Balance???

If you look at your questions from the perspective of being in Samadhi, then all universes are one. 

Viewed from the 3rd dimension though, in time, there are many, many different universes. And they are separate from each other. Oddly, both are true, based on your perspective.

Injustice remains injustice according to the clock. It can last years, even multiple lifetimes. It looks as if the universe is very unbalanced. Even so, there is no oppresser without a victim. If the victim stops being a victim, they will no longer attract an abuser. The victim must eventually recognize their part in creating the situation. 
And, many times, the victim in this life, was an oppresser in the former.

Crazy as it sounds, people do choose to create new oppression, and they will pay the price. Its not all just an old karmic debt.

Some suffering is more a matter of collective unconsciousness. People die in a plane crash because the collective fear of dieing in a plane crash dominates. They are a shooting victim because the whole society is acting out its death urge.

About 96% of humanity creates from ignorance. They don’t know they are creating it. It’s a lot of chaos. 
One of the reasons it is important to keep your energy level high is so that you don’t have to suffer the same fate as those who are unconscious. I literally drive less during mercury retrograde, and much more carefully.

And when you raise your vibration, you raise the vibration of everyone you come in contact with. If enough people raise their vibration, it really cuts down on the suffering on the planet.

If for example, enough people were doing Tai Chi Gung, Prayer, Yoga, penance with Nature, the tsunami that killed 100,000+ in Indonesia years ago could have been moderated, if not eliminated. Fires raging in CA every summer can be traced back to uncontrolled death urge among the population there, and across the US in general. If dealt with consciously, they would greatly diminish. And…  People on a mass scale now expect forest fires. Bad ones. It’s perpetuated by the collective fear.

Stuart Wilde is an intense author, very irreverent. He tends to describe suffering as a choice people make. 

From beyond time, all oppression has sealed its balance from the moment it was put into action. Karma simply must play out in time. That’s where the “time is an illusion” stems from.

I tend to dwell in both places. I create affirmations and goals from eternity, from the expanded balance where I know it has already happened. 

I then look from the perspective of time and ask… what action step do I do next?

From “in time” the next step may be to put 25 bullets into the brain of that active school shooter asap. Karmic return that is 30 seconds away.  Protect the innocent is absolutely valid. 

In a weird sense, since 96% of the human population is unconscious, they don’t know what they are doing. You almost feel like they need to be protected from themselves. Even so, in Tai Chi Gung, we #1: respect life… and close behind it #2: honor people’s freedom of choice. 

That’s a tricky one… but you can raise the vibration and let them choose light, or otherwise. The earth’s vibration is speeding up… people are just choosing crazy stuff. It’s all good. It is a trajectory of evolution.
Big picture, we’re all gonna be o.k. 🙂 Short term, seems like a very unbalanced world. You get to choose what you see. Freezing it in time is … well short sighted, says the guy with glasses. 


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