Testimony on Self Discovery Techniques

I was really frustrated at the way my co-workers were treating me at work. I was putting together an email documenting how they were ignoring my communications to them.

I was just about to hit the "Send" button when a conversation with my Self Discovery Techniques (http://selfdiscoverytechniques.com) trainer came into my mind:

Sharon: now how does that (situation) make you feel?
Me: under-appreciated

And later she made it clear that my beliefs led me to magnetize and create certain situations.

So there I was sitting there thinking: "wow, this lady is right" and wondering what to do about the work situation and my co-worker walked over and said: "ok, ready to talk? you should come get me. I was just busy."

So basically, I managed to avoid creating a conflict just by thinking about a free phone call I had with my trainer. Imagine what a paid session would be like!

Now, I do a lot of spiritual systems. Most of them have a moral or ethical code. I suppose if I had been following their general guidelines, I could have avoided the issue as well. Or, I could talk myself into thinking nothing in the physical plane matters. But the bottom line is that none of that came to my rescue at this particular moment in time, only the advice from Sharon Byrne.

— Terrence Brannon
Boynton Beach, FL
Author: LLJCL

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