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The Katy Laugh

I was at a ThetaHealing(tm) workshop a few weekends ago. This one trance medium called Katy Simmone had a very unusual way of laughing. It seemed like her chest was going to burst open every time she laughed. Most people laugh with their mouth. It seemed like she was trying to send air out through her heart and any sound through the mouth was an afterthought.

I just finished making a nuisance of myself on the beach with this great laugh. But anyway, I thought I would share with you my best instructions on Katy Laughter:
1 – pull in and lock the PC muscle and the stomach muscles (disclaimer: if you tear something, it’s not my fault)
2 – laugh with the intent of forcing air straight out of the front of your chest. If your mouth happens to go “hahah”, well that’s quite all right (grin)

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