16 Jun, 2024

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I didnt know there were so many genders AT THE GENETIC LEVEL

From Variations – The Association for X and Y Chromosome Variations (genetic.org) X and Y Variations, also known medically as Sex Chromosome Aneuploidy (SCA), involve variations in the typical number and type of sex chromosomes. The typical number of chromosomes in each human cell is 46. These include 22 pairs of “autosomes” (which refers to […]

Features and Events

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Floatation tank sanitation – we are squeaky clean

The floatation tank differs from traditional spas in 3 important ways: 1. it is salt water, not clear water 2. it is single person not multiple person use – thus the possibility of one user’s organic waste harming another is eliminated. Continuous chlorine levels and continuous pump running is not necessary. Tank filtering occurs between […]

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Early morning solo laughter

lion laughter laughter every step laughter every sound laughter every sight laughter windmill shower everything with laughter the trees/external objects tickle you laughter every smell arm as measure stick laughter wizard laughter laughter milkshake laughter every skin sensation rolling on back and sides laughter holding back laughter then explode childlike laughter This list is designed […]

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Laughter Yoga Leader training Day 1

Well, day 1 of Dr. Madan Kataria’s Certified Laughter Leader training is now complete. And it was a RIOT. I have not had this much fun since being born. Great people. Great exercises. I’m sorry. That is an understatement. I was in the room with noble powerful souls. With the strength to engage in child’s […]

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Laughter Systems

I went through 10 pages of googling for laughter yesterday. I have so far found these systems: * Madan Kataria – http://www.laughteryoga.org/ * Steve Wilson – http://www.worldlaughtertour.com/ * Guru Ramesh Pandey – http://www.universalyoga.org/ * Annette Goodheart – http://www.laughtercoach.com/ * Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – http://laughterinternational.org * Some unknown guy – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psftkUlg1l0&NR=1