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Early morning solo laughter

  1. lion laughter
  2. laughter every step
  3. laughter every sound
  4. laughter every sight
  5. laughter windmill
  6. shower everything with laughter
  7. the trees/external objects tickle you
  8. laughter every smell
  9. arm as measure stick laughter
  10. wizard laughter
  11. laughter milkshake
  12. laughter every skin sensation
  13. rolling on back and sides laughter
  14. holding back laughter then explode
  15. childlike laughter

This list is designed to be done in reverse order: set your countdown timer at 16 minutes, then when the 15th minute kicks in, begin with exercise number 15 and work backwards towards exercise number 1 (which you would start in the very last minute). None of this has to be precise, they are just guidelines to help you keep moving through a powerful and productive workout.

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