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Nature Park Laughter

Today was my first day laughing out on Mother Earth. It will not be my last 🙂 This is a very charging and clearing experience. Here are the exercises:

  • receive love from Earth. Joyfully (with laughter) store into your chakras using your hands
  • listen to the birds. then laugh like the birds
  • observe the branching of a tree. Use your arms and fingers to emulate its branching. Then laugh along with the tree
  • hold up your arms and let the trees tickle under your arms. Now turn around and let it work you from the top of your head to the crack of your buttocks
  • sense your head. Now look at the tree tops. Brush your head against the tree tops, laughing at the sensation.
  • air-body tickling: request the tree to extend its air body over to you. Now tickle its air body and laugh along with it!

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