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zero to tetanus in 10 minutes flat (internal water shower, pranic style)

The basic instructions for rebirthing breathwork were given in Bob Frissell's texts and as far as I can remember, they are: big inhale through nose, do nothing on the exhale – the exhale is entirely passive.

Well, today I applied the concept of the internal water shower (usha kala chikitsa – http://www.sakthifoundation.org/Water_How_to_do.htm ) to breathing. With any shower, it is important to take in a lot of water very fast otherwise, no cleansing happens. 

So I lay down with Jackie Angel's rebirthing tape (i might pick up the new one at rebirth international some time – http://rebirthingbreathwork.com/node/17584 ) , and I inhaled as much air as fast as I could intent on creating an internal air shower.

In 10 minutes, the pranic juices began flowing and I was as high as a kite.

I'm returning back to normal as  I write this. But I plan to work up  to longer periods of breathing. Even though awareness of high and low states is more important than tickling oneself with highs.

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