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The week in loving-kindness

Well, a local meetup group formed for loving-kindness. They used the technique Sharon Salzberg teaches – find someone you love, someone you are neutral about, someone you have difficulty with and then for each one repeat:

  • may you be happy
  • may you be healthy
  • may you be safe
  • may you live with ease and well-being

There were about 9 of us there on the beach and it was quite nice.

I found a number of loving-kindness meditations here – http://www.dharmaseed.org/talks/?q=metta

and I use the one by WInnie Nazurko (

) every morning with a bit of the golden grapefruit thrown in.

It’s quite good.

I woke up and did it this morning and feel into a bliss state back to sleep. I had a lucid dream and everywhere I went, whether walking or flying around in space. I kept radiating the gold ball at each thing that occurred, good or bad.

I’m really sold on this L-K thing.

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