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loving-kind in zero time ; astral journeys

# sheer immediacy

## hypothesis

the pre-cognitive, non-logical, non-associative immediate mind-state is loving kindness. It cannot be generated or radiated. It simply is. The practice of loving-kindness is simply tapping into (giving in) to the Golden Ever Present.

This morning’s meditation session proved this correct. It requires a bit of bigotry for L-K to work. You have to “think” there is nothing more to be had or sought after. This is all there is. There is nothing higher.

Once you sacrifice your free-thinking and sense of “i-can-do-what-i-want” to L-K, it works.

## belief

every single action is motivated by an attempt to receive L-K. the following are all only superficial goals:

  • money
  • sex
  • power
  • popularity
  • awareness
  • energy
  • health
  • revenge
  • hate
  • sorrow
  • fear
  • messages from ascended masters
  • ufo visitations
  • bondage
  • torture

## sexiness

Unfortuntely, L-K is not sexy. It doesnt have an exotic name. No crop circle has ever hinted at L-K. The rothchilds and rockefellers are not hoarding it away from the masses. No big name spiritual people are pimping it. Everyone (myself included) wants something sexier, more expensive, trendy, psychedelic, mystical, etc. That’s why I run around doing 8 million spiritual practices a day ( http://thequietcenter.jottit.com/daily_spiritual_work )

# astral journeys

This morning’s loving-kindness session was absolute bigotry. I gave it to prisoners, rocks, fecal matter, my iPhone, edge of the galaxy, you name it. Afterwards, I fell into sleep. I was watching buildings go by. I was floating by them. I knew I was about to take off and I did. I ended up in a hotel and there was someone there staying in the other room. He literally was talking to me and showing me how he had setup a fountain and heated water pool between our rooms. Now what the hell kind of “dream” is that?

I’ve been training in Astral Projection (http://www.iacworld.org/) for a few weeks now but I think L-K basically rises up the heart energy into the 3rd eye and out you go.

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