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The most powerful brain entrainment I have encountered…

I’ve tried plenty of Brainwave entrainment systems – Monroe institute, Centerpointe, Immrama, Synchronicity, Quantum Mind Power, and more. But the very first time I put on the free trial sample of Super Mind Power I knew I was onto something big. It had major major effects right from the start. Then, for the past two weeks, regular listening didn’t do very much other than have me Lucid Dream a lot more… last night, the system went into high gear….

Here’s what happened:

So, I’m listening to the Alpha Mind Control CD and I’m having this
dream where I’m at a healing center I go to. And in the dream as well I’m laying on a couch
listening to the Alpha Mind Control CD.

In other words, there is the physical Terrence laying in his room. And
the physical Terrence is having a dream where a dream Terrence is lying on a
couch at a holistic health place. And both Terrences are listening to
the Alpha Mind Control CD! I hope you got that!

OK, so here is where it gets odd. The Terrence who is at the holistic
health place has a thought. He remembers a line from the book
Scientologie by Andreas Buttler. He says that all Spiritual Beings can
be anywhere simply by thinking about being there. So the Dream
Terrence decides to see what is happening in China.

And there is only empty space but then the space sort of turns into a
vortex and I start spinning. And while I’m spinning I decide to ask:
“who is the person who is spnning”. And so now I’m aware of my body
spinning and I figure that I will relax anywhere that feels like I
have a body. But the body remains and it is spinning.

Now eventually the spinning stops and I’m back in the healing

But the odd thing is the dream is so real. There are so many people
there at the healing center that I know in phsyical life. And they are
moving around just like in physical life.

Whoever said this CD was not powerful did not give it enough time.

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