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Neuro Integration is a stick of dynamite!

Out of nothing more than idle curiosity, I decided to try a Neuro Integration session with Kara Hicks. I had just done a Zen meditation retreat earlier in the day and really didnt think anything could shake or improve upon the bliss that I was feeling.

However, at one point in the session it became clear that my spiritual and physical were disconnected. There was confusion. Why do anything physical when I am purely spiritual?

The work in this session is very innocent looking. She simply puts you in various mudras while she muscle tests parts of your body. Then she uses the feet to lock in the new pattern.

But as soon as the session was over, I knew I had hit some serious paydirt. My posture was flowing down into my feet and my voice was deep. Then over the entire night, I had MAJOR detox symptoms. I slept heavily. But was jerked out of sleep for excretion. I had long real wild dreams. I was stretching into very deep positions. And importantly, I was maximizing the sensation in the body at each position.

Instinctively, I knew that I needed to avoid my brainwave audio as well as vipassana meditation for awhile until this “blew over” — but it probably wont blow over. This lady scrambled my whole circuitry! And then improved it. Basically, I cannot return to my old limited body patterns.

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