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My sanity girl saves the day

In choosing a therapist, you have to realize that there are degrees of skill. Out of 10 people who certified in the skill, you will probably see 10 levels of dedication and talent among them. I am convinced that for me, Kara Hicks represents the top-level of certified Neuro Integration practitioners and here’s why.

I lost my job about 1.5 weeks ago. When discussing this with my father, he basically decided for me that I would be coming home until I found another job. I told I would think about it. A few hours later, I came in for my NI session and Kara mirrored my words to her exactly and got me thinking about whether I should really leave home or not.

Now, later in the session, she did some muscle-testing to see if I should really leave Columbus for good or for a visit. It turned out I was supposed to stay here.

So, relying on the muscle-testing results, I began to do some things which most people would call insane. I had a permanent opportunity in NYC for 100,000 a year. After being selected for the interview, I turned down the interview on the basis of the muscle-testing. And this is from a person who really likes New York City – the noise, the crowds, the subway, the people. NYC is a place that I really love. And Columbus seems rather so-so to me. But I went ahead and shot myself in the foot on this one. There really is no other way to test the quality of a spiritual system that to push on it, so I needed to continue the experiment.

The reading said I would know by Tuesday 12/16 about my job in Columbus.  So on 12/16, I was turning out all the stops. Sending out resumes, searching the job boards and kicking myself for passing on the NYC job. It was around 4pm I was complaining to myself about this hairy-fairy spiritual nonsense when a call from Robert Half International came through.

I agreed to come into RHI’s office and fill out the paperwork and have a little interview. It was then that I realized that I had struck paydirt. I have not even had my interview with 2co.com yet, but I know this will be the job that I take. It has huge opportunity for growth into things beyond just Perl programming:

  • I can get into Java development
  • I can get into business intelligence
  • I can become a MySQL DBA

And another amazing thing happened at RHI. It turns out they have local Python opportunities as well! I really like Python as well as Perl, but felt certain that I could not find a Python job in Columbus. And overall, I need to be looking at a career, not a programming job, so you can be sure I will take the 2co.com offer once they make it!

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