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Waking state spills over to dream world

So, I finish a rather hardcore series of Neuro Integration processes with Kara Hicks and I’m back at home. I sit down to meditate but I can literally feel my spirit filling my nervous system. There is no need to meditate — the spirit that I am is surging through my veins.

Now, I reach the point of being ready to fall off into a deep blissful sleep. But I have to urinate. But I am so enraptured, I can’t move. I dont know how long it is before I am realizing I still need to pee. Then I finally manage to get up and then I lay down for a quiet nap.

I start to dream. I know that I am going to take a trip to a mountain that I have been to many times before. It is a magical mountain with magical inhabitants. I walk out to the car and two of my friends are there ready to drive.

Now this is where it gets weird: I say to my friends: “Hey guys, I just had a neuro-integration session, I dont think I should go right now” They say “oh come on, you can just get in the back and sleep.”

There’s a bit more to the dream, but that one part just staggers me.

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