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update on Spiritual Practices

* Spiritologie – http://spiritologie.eu/
I'm taking the online course and making my way through it. It's useful

* Natural yoga – http://www.charlesberner.org/
Charles Berner's system of spontaneous yoga. I really like it. I'm perplexed as to why he died in excruciating pain if this yoga is supposed to make you healthy and wise… ditto for my former interest in Ashtanga Yoga.

* Laughter –
I've invented my own technique based on Zen, Yoga (both ancient and Laughter Yoga), Processing (scientology/dianetics and otherwise)

* Guru Siyag – http://www.the-comforter.org/
I took initiation a few years back and really should put in the 2 weeks to achieve ajapa jap as discussed in this video –

but there are so many interesting systems… I dont know why I spend money and time on all these various systems when you can get them all in one place with Guru Siyag (sigh)

* The 5 Tibetans

* Neville Goddard

* Raw food – http://www.meetup.com/VitalLongevityRaw/calendar/list/
The Vital Longevity Meetup looks promising
They have a brainwave tape

* EOC Institute – http://www.eocinstitute.org
ordered their brainwave cd

* Self Discovery Techniques: http://www.selfdiscoverytechniques.com/ (via shareaholic.com)
Right here in South Florida! And looks powerful! Intro this Wednesday night

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