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it’s win-win day

It’s my birthday. And let’s start off with a fact: if you dont have a business, you are paying way too much income tax. So, now is your big chance to:

  • own a business
  • congratulate me happy birthday
  • get some miracle health products

What more could you ask for? I list my businesses in the order I would like you to consider patronizing:

  • Waiora – remove heavy metals from your body NOW – http://www.mywaiora.com/907947 … order natural cellular defense or the chava chocolate with cellular defense.. read the clinical studies here – http://bit.ly/us7i6
  • Get yourself a Young Living essential oil – http://www.youngliving.com …my Member Number is 1232346. If there were only one product to recommend, it would be [thieves toothpaste](http://www.youngliving.com/thieves/natural-oral-care) … this product reverses periodontal disease. It is a favorite of the lady who introduced me to Young Living. She was a dental hygienist for 30 years. Why is it called Thieves? It’s simple. The grave robbers in Europe during the Black Plague never got sick even though they were searching corpses. Why? Because they used a particular essential oil blend to protect themselves!
  • Or get a lifetime discount on Mannatech‘s miracle glyconutrients and grab one free product at the same time – http://us.mannatech.com/ . My distributor ID is 3062608
  • Check out my Amway Store – http://www.amway.com/tds


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