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The profit on navel orange juice

I joined the Clintonville Community Market and bought some navel oranges in bulk there yesterday:

  • 48.21 for organic 48 count, but with 20% discount = 38.57. This is 80 cents per orange… this is 4 times what I payed for conventional Valencias from Sirna and Sons Produce .. but two factors (1)they are organic (2) navels are twice as large… so you might consider this 40 cents per “juice orange” (Valencia orange).
  • 31.50 for conventional 48 count with discount = 25.20

Let’s put our theory to the test

Boy, I love testing out my theories on orange juice production.. because it requires me to make Orange Juice!!!

Hmm, well that experiment ended rather quickly 🙂  The navel oranges are too large for the hopper… well, what would you expect from a company from Valencia, Spain. 

Time to pick up a citrisar juicer from Nomi Shannon and hand-squeeze.

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