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so that’s how a professional raw foodist gives a talk

I went to Dayton to hear Paul Nison speak today. I have to say, he has quite a bit of skill in the speaking department. It is a bit sad to hear him down fruit as leading to fermentation. After all, in his book “Raw Life” is was at the top of his pearamid. And tonight he accused it of possibly leading to fermentation.

But he was very enjoyable with some good jokes.

I wasn’t aware the Paul was so much of a Christian.

But the best part of the talk was when he said that he was 100% raw vegan for “many” years… which of course means at least 5, which is good. And he exposed me to Fred Besci, who has been raw vegan for 50 years!

But most of all, I like the interviews in “Raw Life” … especially the one with Aris La Thams.

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