One listen to Juliana Ericson’s CD has completely integrated all of my 2 decades of spiritual study.

One listen to Juliana Ericson's CD ( has completely integrated all of my 2 decades of spiritual study (
When I finished the session, I began to breathe through my nose once again and felt a sharp pain in the forehead but I kept breathing that way as I came back down to earth with this discovery:

Life is a game where you learn to transmute negativity with positivity. You learn to play with the poles of REALITY knowing full well that you exist as NEUTRAL TRUTH.

See "Spiritologie" ( for the definition of reality (shared objective agreement) and truth (personal subjective beingness)

Like any game, you win some and you lose some. And you can get better or worse over time depending on what you do. There are many games, but the game of Life and Death is most serious. That's why I spend my time playing the hardest board game in the world, Go. In Go, Life and Death is the primary study for years –
Rebirthing breathwork ( is a technique to do positive things to your body. Sunlight air and water make up 99% of the body's requirements, yet we block our body flow with solid food more often in a day than we load up on oxygen/prana. Living in Florida, sunlight is easy. Water? Get a water ionizing machine. Air? Enter rebirthing breathwork. Nothing else you can do for 1 hour by yourself will nourish your air systems the way this does. Ok, I take that back, you can buy a hyberbaric oxygen chamber if you have 5,000 dollars. But all you need are lungs and a pillow and a cd player and Juliana's CD to get the same life-changing effect in one listen.

As she says in her youtube video (): Cancer has difficulty surviving in oxygenated environments.
I was running around confused, doing 5 or more spiritual systems a day (, with no clear focus. Now I get it and not just mentally, but with the positivity surging through my veins whereas before I was looking outside of myself at the shiny poles instead of resting in the bliss of the neutrality that see it all.
Of course, if you want to get into polarity (duality) deeply, then there are numerous metaphysical polarity study techniques
– "Polar Dynamics 1: Life paths, meditation and counselling using an Ifa approach to the binary universe" –
– Polarity Therapy –
– Magical Order of the Golden Dawn –  … a very integrative magical order that covers kabbalah and hermeticism

If you want to get into various positive games, I can list a few of those too
– Loving-Kindness ( ) … starting out positive with the 1st of 4 heavenly mind states (Brahama Viharas), you move upwards to equanimity… the PROFOUND NEUTRAL

And if you want to shoot straight for the neutral, I dont adivse it because you might end up there without the compassion ( that is part and parcel of the unmanifest Creator of All that is  … but I've dabbled in my share of them:
– the floatation tank
– most Advaita Vedanta outside of David Spero seeks the formless neutral and spurns the form world
– most zen and tibetan buddhism has an overarching emphasis on neutrality, leading to apathetic unethical treatment of others at times.
– Freezone Scientology. The reform movement outside of Scientology has "Clear" as a major stage of improvment: when you no longer have a personal reactive mind.

A final word about polarity concerns sexuality. Same-sex and same-race and same-culture marriage are easy because there is very little polarity involved. Things flow easily because you do not have a game with extreme poles to neutralize/harmonize/pacify. So, while there is nothing wrong with those forms of expression (infinity demands all avenues of manifestation), the more challenging games are heterosexual, mixed-race, mixed-culture marriages.

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