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Energy preservation and equanimity

Most people need much more sleep than they get. A large energy burner is craving and aversion.

Moment to moment in waking state, dont burn energy on craving and aversion. Simply notice whether the current sensory input is causing you to run towards or away from it. That noticing in and of itself is a gradual weakening off the sensory input over you. If you need information from an expert on mindful, the free PDF – “The Power of Mindfulness” by Nyanaponika Thera, a fulltime monk who is really a mahathera, is the goods.

Nyanoponika Thera makes it clear that mindfulness is a power… indeed Franklin Merrel-Wolff makes the same statement when he calls equilibrium the Great Law.

Equanimity is a rather sensationless state. It is not sensational. It is a sleeping giant, holding the whole world on it’s shoulders.

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