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Are you leading others into darkness?

– "The New Age Movement, instead of being spiritually liberating, has moved into the psychic smorgasbord. Instead of focusing on union, we try to analyze and gain ability, instead of to commune with the divine"
– "The New Age Mantram is: I need, I want, I gotta have … people have become hugely materialistic … it's avoidance of communion"
– "Oneness does not require processing yourself, analyzing yourself … why waste time trying to figure myself out when I can enjoy being who I am today … "
– "New Age provokes people to spend money and time experiencing phenomena … instead of being fulfilled regardless of outer circumstances"
– "Are you shopping? Are you eating junk food?"

Most importantly, are your actions leading others into darkness and dependency? Union with god at the top of the head is better than sex. It simply feels far better. Needless to say it better than anything you could eat also. The main thing people need is money and that primarily is in order to have sex, housing and food. And the media outlets will compel you to chase these frantically.

As a whole-ISTIC health center, The Quiet Center has finally found a goal: to offer genuine and total oneness, beyond yet singing through physical, emotional, causal, mental and etheric nutrition:

The spray bottle of Naam.

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