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all of the foolishness I avoided

Wow, it is amazing how you think you know what you want and get all hyped up and then you spend lots of money only to discover deeper more powerful things… I’m sure that was a bit abstract, so let’s get down to some concrete data:

  • The Institute for Integrative Nutrition – I really liked their philosophy on food: get your career, relationships, and spirituality in order so that you can be fulfilled since food can only fill you. But in talking to the admissions counselor, I learned that there is no refund policy on fees. And you cannot simply sit out and return the next year if something comes up…
  • Marine Phytoplankton – a person got healed of a serious illness by eating it. Whales practically live on it. I drank it down and felt it racing through my body making me feel hyped up. Next thing you know, I’ve purchased a distributorship and am off to the races!!! Then you find out the product is not raw. The founder was healed via raw plankton. Whales eat raw plankton. They have a processed product.

Enter Swami Nithyananda

Just as I was about to go commerical with my floatation tank, laughter yoga, and nutrition, I was finishing up 40 days of chanting the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra and looking for a mantra teacher. I found Thomas Ashley-Farrand and was thoroughly impressed. I also found Swami Nithyananda. Since he had an online Omkara Meditation, I tried it and was blown away.

I’m using Thomas’ books to fulfill some of my mundane desires, and am following Swami N for his incredible teachings and practices… all grounded in the Vedas.

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