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Adi Da Ha Ha – Laughter, Adi Da Samraj Style

Adi Da Samraj is an amazing spiritual master (body deceased).

In [this talk]() he discusses the body-mind as self-contraction. 

He also makes it clear that no technique or action within the bodymind can lead to realization of what he calls "The Bright." Therefore, it is understood that this technique, the Adi Da Ha Ha, is not a valid way of genuine liberation. I'm certain that neither Adi Da or his post-mortem organization would condone it. That being said, it is a _powerful_ powerful way to knock out self-imposed limits quickly. I laugh every morning and this technique trumped all my previous techniques by far.

# Instructions

1. Sit down
2. Relax
3. Notice any sense of self-contraction
4. Laugh at the self-contraction as if it is the most absurd thing ever – the idea that you could ever be limited!
5. Goto step 2

# Reflection:

I simply cant get over how much volume and resonance projects from his body with so little apparent vocal effort. His mouth is hardly moving and yet he projecting barrels of harmonic outflow!

# Compendium of laughter liberation techniques to date

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