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V-Cells increased by Soma Breathing

Niraj Naik posted some exciting news about why Soma Breath is so powerful:

So I was listening to my buddy Ben Greenfield’s podcast and he has an amazing interview with stem cell expert Tami Meraglia.

She mentions V-Cells that are a big focus in stem cell treatment.

Overview Of V-Cells

The adult pluripotent stem cell treatment we offer uses VSEL stem cells, [Very Small Embryonic Like Stem Cells], also referred to as V-Cells. They are also called peripheral blood stem cells, blastomeres or stembios cells. Formed in bone marrow, they are approximately 1/3rd the size of other adult stem cells and are non-tumorigenic. These cells measure between 2-4 microns compared to erythrocytes at about 7 microns and other stem cells that are over 10 microns. In fact, they are so small that they have the capacity to reach the parts that other cells cannot reach, including crossing the blood-brain barrier. They normally circulate in peripheral blood through our body in an inactive form and activation only occurs when our body faces extreme stress such as low oxygen, low body temperature or significant injuries. They have also been described as primordial adult stem cells that in some ways are close to being omnipotent.

In a nutshell these stem cells are in circulation but only activated under stress – such as low oxygen! This means when we create intermittent hypoxia using SOMA breathing, these stem cells are potentially activated that also have the ability to turn into any cell and heal/repair/lower inflammation), and also cross the blood brain barrier!

I am working on proving this hypothesis, but it possibly explains why people are healing disease symptoms and even regaining eye sight with our SOMA techniques!

Dr Merglia also states that the FDA are trying to turn stem cell therapy into the classification of drugs which means only Big Pharma can do it. This is bad bad news for the stem cell industry! It also means treatments are going to be very expensive and only accessible to the super rich.

But with SOMA you do it for FREE using your own breath!

Please share any positive results you are getting with our programs in the comments below!

Also if you have not already, test out the 21 day awakening protocol that is designed to awaken the power of V-cells and much much more!!

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