Spina Bifida patient loves the machine

[9/28/13 5:29:56 PM] Nancy Jones: today I had 7 people who used the machine and they all said 
they would use it again if it were available
[9/28/13 5:30:42 PM] Nancy Jones: the last guy that used the machine today had spina bifida 
and was very deformed in his limbs
[9/28/13 5:31:48 PM] Nancy Jones: he said that he would sometimes have sever pain in his 
lower back but he loved the feel of the energy flowing through his hands and feet and 
almost fell asleep during the 20 minute session

[9/28/13 5:33:04 PM] Terrence Brannon: I see.. so he definitely wants more!

[9/28/13 5:33:04 PM] Nancy Jones: he was not experiencing any sever pain today and I would 
like to see if he has any painful episodes  between now and when he has another session

[9/28/13 5:33:45 PM] Nancy Jones: yes... they all said they would like to do more

[9/28/13 5:34:22 PM] Terrence Brannon: awesome!
[9/28/13 5:34:40 PM] Nancy Jones: they liked it because it was a product that had 
scientific explanation of how it worked... it was a tangible product... no body could say 
that it was hocus pocus or a figment of somebody's imagination

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