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the slightest move at the center

Wow. I had the wrong idea about rebirthing breathwork. I was using big powerful strong inhales. I remember Peace Arnold suggesting very small still breaths, but at the time, I wasnt interested in trying it.

I just finished a session with Sula DePaula's A Breath of Consciousness CD ( http://www.abreathofconsciousness.com/ ) and I must say this was a glorious joyride.

Deep, lush synthesizer tones with quotes from A Course in Miracles layered over the top made for a nice flight through the dark windy Florida night.

And the pace is much slower than Juliana's CD, which works better for an acolyte such as myself.

And I knew from earlier studies in pranayama that just thinking of inhaling and exhaling still works the prana. So, I was taking the smallest inhale. Just enough to tickle the sternum apart by One Itsy-Bitsy Molecule. And other times, I would breath into the nipples. But all of it gently and more gently.

This is one CD that belongs on every person's shelf.

It's important to note that one small move at the center can make for oodles change at the periphery. Gentleness, stillness, subtleness. This is how you make huge leaps with a single bound.

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