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One Cup of Green Juice Per Day – Michiyo Mori does it…

I dont remember exactly when or how I came across the video below:

But in doing so, I was exposed to a very powerful way of healing apparently degenerative disease, simply by having a clean colon. And their way to a clean colon is to quit eating so much and allow the body to eliminate. Even after reversing spinocerebellar degeneration, Michiyo Mori follows a protocol of eating light, as the video above shows.

This is not the only way to a clean colon

I can think of numerous other approaches to a clean colon. First off, if I did contract a life-threatening illness, I would make a beeline to the Hippocrates Health Institute (or maybe Dr. Sebi’s institute or True North Institute.). At Hippocrates, the first 7 days of the 21-day life transformation program are devoted to cleaning the colon so that you can be nourished. And yes, they have effected numerous cures beyond what western medicine would consider possible. And they did it without limiting dietary intake.

Another approach that worked for me was to simply eat what was naturally available. In other words, whatever looks like it just came out of the ground or off the tree was consumed in its ripe uncut fashion.

Michiyo Mori is with us to this day. I collected some works of hers and her teacher (Mitsuo Koda) in an online drive which you are welcome to browse/download from.

Can We Eat Our Way to God or Physical Immortality?

Let’s take these topics one at a time. First eating our way to god.

Well, the only thing I can say about this is: what is God? is it everything? If you know God, what is outside of that? Are you separate or everything? Classical paths to god-knowledge/realization have a moderate cooked/vegetarian diet. But maybe these paths degenerated over time? I know one thing: daily yoga practice and a moderate diet will take you further towards this:

So if god is some non-physical, amorphous thing, then achieving things like that doesnt matter.

I do know that more and more, my yoga practice is giving me more circulation and more harmony…. i would love to feel all day like my yoga practice has me feeling in the morning.


This is a hot topic. Leonard Orr spent decades claiming to have met immortals and introducing rebirthing breathwork as a way to overcome the death urge. The breathing is very powerful. I love how just doing 20 connected breaths is so transformational in 2 minutes! But good ol’ Leonard is no longer with us, deceased at 81.

Hilton Hotema, author many books and a live food enthusiast, said he felt great… but that didnt stop him from passing away.

And why did Arnold Ehret and Aajonus Vonderplanitz die sudden deaths in tragic accidents?

And Yogananda wrote about immortals in “Autobiography of a Yogi” and then passed away on stage at the age of 48… but not before gifting the western world with Kriya Yoga, a practice which persists to this day and has led countless people to bliss beyond the body.

And on to Tai Chi Gung

I practice Tai Chi Gung, which is a path of immortals. It cured Master Lama Rasaji at age 20 of numerous illnesses that he was supposed to diet from. I love it. It makes me feel great. I do Sivananda Yoga in the morning and Tai Chi Gung later and both of them keep my energy circulating.

Oh, by the way the Buddhists have spoken of Eternalism as a mental flaw: a mental flaw of people who yearn to live in the physical forever.

I dont know. I just like doing it, so I do it.

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