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Thus begins the Quiet Center

I started out this float with systematic relaxation using the Silva UltraMind System. Once that was over, I became bored.. but what do we know about boredom:

“You have to do something to be bored” — Chogyam Trungpa

And this is true. Boredom is a form of mental impatience and expectancy. The tank dissolves it if you just wait.Then micro-relaxations occurred in the webbings of my hands and feet.The backs of my knees. And I began to moan in relief of tension I didnteven know I had. All of my internal organs collapsed into the spine…
all kinds of involuntary tension was being stripped away, slowly but surely.Then I realized that Mother Earth wanted to hold me in her arms. All tension evaporated. It felt like my legs flew up to the top of the tank
and my upper body simply evaporated. For a few seconds, I was hers:

“If you arrive and dont see me, I’m going to be with my baby,
I’m free,
flying in her arms,
Over the sea” — Strawberry Letter 23

And then my Quiet Center revealed itself… in the heart. Fascination with attention itself. JOY! from simply turning inward to MY SELF! Oh by the way, I quit doing 5 Animals Qigong today… couldnt tell you why but things have to be the way things have to be!

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