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Float Intensive

Here is a new tank intensive schedule, designed to make sure that the transition from wake to sleep and sleep to wake are spent in the tank. If you need to opt out of a meditation session for something else, feel free:

Below the hours of the clock are listed in military time:

  1. float
  2. float
  3. float
  4. float
  5. float
  6. float
  7. meditation
  8. breakfast
  9. meditation
  10. meditation
  11. biocomputer-style lilly reading
  12. lunch
  13. float
  14. meditation
  15. biocomputer-style lilly reading
  16. meditation
  17. meditation
  18. biocomputer-style lilly reading
  19. whatever!
  20. whatever!
  21. float
  22. float
  23. float

Additional Notes

This whole schedule is rough guidelines. Float sessions last as long as they naturally last. The schedule is here to keep you on track with other activities whenever you depart the tank.

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