16 Jun, 2024


I have been a seeker in the realms of holistic health and spirituality for 20 years now. While receptive to the aims of the East, I am attracted to the technology of the west.

Laughter: the joyful path to the Quiet Center

I am overyoyed to have earned my certificate in Laughter Yoga on May 4, 2008 (World Laughter Day) from Judi Winall of the Center for Soul Empowerment.

The floatation tank is your ticket to The Quiet Center

Besides Laughter Yoga, I love the floatation tank, invented by John Christopher Lilly and described in his text “The Quiet Center”.

John Lilly was a true pioneer. In keeping with that spirit, this organization constantly adds and evaluates any and all methods to expedite the traveller’s journey to The Quiet Center.

Ride the Magic Carpet to The Quiet Center

Bathe your entire spine in sound. This will lead to profound relaxation.


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